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You have an excellent set of songs, and you are getting ready to turn them into a groundbreaking final product. You know the songs can be better, but you do not see in what way they can be improved. That is where I come in and help you out. I listen to the songs, analyze them, and start looking for ways to improve. I can communicate clearly what I think works better or is worth a try. And, if words do not work out well, I play multiple instruments to explain what I mean.

A producer is a person who is in service of a song, or multiple songs, and makes sure that the final product of a song is as good as it can be. The whole purpose of the work of a producer is to push a song to the edge of being a potential hit. In my role as a producer, I share my thoughts and ideas, and I ask questions. I consider it my job to push the musicians to step out of their musical comfort-zone: I want the best version the musicians can deliver.

Do not get confused, though. As a producer, I bring another set of ears and an additional brain. I consider myself a musical motivator who brings about two decades of experience to the pre-recording rehearsal sessions as well as into the studio during the recording process. I am not a studio technician or sound engineer: I have an idea of the sound we are looking for, but I am not in charge of the microphone placements, sound manipulation, mixing process, or any related topics. Every person their own trade.

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Over the last 20 years, I have learned what works in a song and what does not. As an active and highly involved band member, I have (co-)written a lot of music, and I was always involved with the production side of the recording process. While working as a music industry professional, I have had my fair share of listening sessions with up-and-coming acts, as well as more popular acts. Additionally, I analyzed the entire history of pop music since Elvis Presley and the ten best selling records of all time during my time in university.