Free Samples

Over the past two decades, I have created a lot of musical projects. Unfortunately, it is a simple fact the majority of those remain unfinished because I ran out of inspiration or shifted my attention to other projects. Instead of forgetting about those ideas and letting them collect dust -metaphorically- I chose to share them for free* with you.

(I am still figuring out a way to organise this part. Bear with me.)

You may have noticed the asterisk (*) next to the “for free”-claim because, technically, it is not completely for free. Yes, you are allowed to download the samples without having to pay anything when you download them. Yes, you may use the samples in your musical projects without having to worry about money. Yes, you are allowed to use the samples as good or bad examples in workshops, classes, tutorials, and so on.

But here is the “but”: from the moment you release, sell, or publish a sample or part of a sample in any shape or form using any method of distribution, you must include me as a team member for 2.5% (two-point-five percent) for the entire project. That is one-fortieth of your total earnings for that product. A flat percentage and that is that.

I do have two sayings in mind: “If you are good at something, never do it for free” and “Only the sun rises for free” (Dutch saying).