High-end Bass Tracks

I want to work with you because I love music and making music with creative and interesting people like you. You get my best performance for your tracks, and I will serve the needs of your track, your music, and you as an artist. Imagine the potential success of your work, and we will make it happen together.

I work from my home studio as well as on location. I have multiple (pre-) amp options for your work because I want to find the best sound for your song. I deliver my bass tracks recorded on one or two bass guitars with more than one tonal option for you to choose from. Before receiving the final recordings, you receive two concept bass tracks because I believe you need to have something to choose from as well.

For the price mentioned in this posting, you will receive:

  • a bass track for your song;
  • multiple tonal options to choose from;
  • two concept versions before the final recording, and;
  • 15+ years of musical experience and creativity.
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