I Don’t Know – Bryan Robert & Cat Murphy Band

In December 2020, I wrote the song “I Don’t Know” and I demoed it shortly after. It became one of my favorite songs at that time fairly soon but it was missing something. Not long after, I learned that it was the perfect song to collaborate with the Cat Murphy Band again, and so I did.

We rerecorded multiple tracks on three locations, two in Vancouver, Canada, and one in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The song was released as an EDM remix by Bryan Robert and as a band mix by the Cat Murphy Band (Yes, there is a Cat Murphy Band “Extended Version” but we’re saving this for their upcoming album.) It is available on all major music platforms, such as -but not limited to- Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, Amazon Prime Music, TikTok, Pandora, and Tidal per June 2021.

Bryan Robert – I Don’t Know (EDM Remix)

Cat Murphy Band – I Don’t Know (Radio Edit)