Music Jobs: Introduction

This blog series focuses on different roles in the music industry. This week: the introduction.

The music industry is a dynamic industry with a lot of people involved. In the Music Jobs-series, I focus on different roles within the music industry of the Eurocentric or Western culture of the twenty-first century*. You will find this information helpful while finding your way into the music industry. You get to know what you can ask from certain people and what you should not ask from the people with whom you work.

My History of Pop Music professor pointed out in his classes that music became a real industry in the 1950s, although that is a matter of perspective. Even though I do not agree with him completely, I do understand why he made that statement: since the 1950s there is a lot of money involved in the music business and a lot of people earn a lot every day. One hugh disclaimer, though: the majority of people in the industry make somewhere between a reasonable monthly salary to way too little to call it a steady income. If you are planning on going into music and get rich, choose another career path.

Finally, I want to emphasize that it is OK not to know what it is you are responsible for or others. Especially in the music industry of the twenty-first century, the lines are more blurry than ever before. We all have to take on multiple roles in the industry to be able to make ends meet. For example, I know a singer who hosts a weekly radio show and works as a musical coach, even though his band is a headliner at venues and festivals worldwide.

In the next post, I will elaborate on the job as a musician and what it is a musician does other than living the ‘sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll’ lifestyle.

I want to emphasize the cultural aspect since not every culture has the same definition of music and its industry. I also point out the century because certain jobs have gotten different tasks over the years.

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