Bass lessons

Either you are the worst guitarist in your band and therefore ‘promoted’ to be the bassist, or you want to be musically meaningful but prefer to avoid the spotlight. I can give you a number of reasons to play the bass, but only one is scientifically proven: music without bass sucks. In other words, you should play the bass guitar.

Buy a bass guitar and let me guide you in mastering the instrument. I will make sure that you will develop proper bass skills and learn how to play your favourite songs. We’ll base the lessons on your abilities and interests. You are in control.

Don’t wait any longer, and sign up for bass lessons! Send me an e-mail right away!

Course fees (without tax):
1 lesson of 45 minutes – $ 40
10 lessons of 45 minutes – $ 30 per lesson
Extra awesomeness – $ 25 per kilo