Bass Per Mail

You are a singer/songwriter, record your own songs, and are looking for that finishing touch. Or you play in a band, but the bassist isn’t showing up anymore. Or you’ve never had one. Finding a good bassist isn’t easy, nor is it easy to find one with enough recording experience and who is affordable.

I will help you out with my initiative “Bass Per Mail” (BPM). I am a trained bassist, I have almost ten years of experience on the bass, and have been in and out of the studio for the last five years. I have worked with several different producers, bands, and musical projects.

This is how BPM works:
I will write and record the best bassline for your music, and send the track via e-mail. You’ll add the track to your recording, and, voila, your song is complete. And did I mention that you are in control? We will talk about your idea for a bassline; you can send examples or songs which inspire you. And you will receive a concept recording before I record the final track.

Fees and discount:
I love music, and I love making music. Unfortunately, I receive bills as well. Therefore, I am not able to write and record for free. (Sorry.) My fee is $75* per song. If I have recorded more than five bass tracks for you, you’ll get a discount for the next tracks or when you hire me as your live bassist. Isn’t that awesome?!

You need me. So just send me an e-mail now!


* Please take notice that all fees are without tax.