Bullet points

This is what I am, what I have done, and what I am still doing:

  • I am a Bachelor in Music Management (Utrecht School of the Arts);
  • I am a Bachelor in Education (University of Applied Science Utrecht);
  • I am a certified Specialist in Music Education (Post-Bachelor Degree);
  • I have been a teacher in the Netherlands until I moved to Vancouver;
  • I have been playing the guitar since the age of eleven and the bass since the age of 16 (1989);
  • I am the owner of the ‘Bass Per Mail’ initiative;
  • I was the guitarist or bassist several bands;
  • but was mostly active as a freelance bassist (mainly because of ‘Bass Per Mail’);
  • I write and produce for other artists (e.g. Party! Deadbeat (NL), Artifacts (NL), Sidewalk (NL));
  • I have worked in the music industry as an artist manager, tour manager, booking agent, local promoter, and production manager at venues and festivals.