I am Bryan Robert.
I am a bassist, performer, music educator, advocate for more music education in elementary education, and I write and produce music with and for other people.

Long story short
I am a Dutch guy who currently lives, studies, and makes music in Vancouver, Canada.  Currently, I am working for Ria Jade, Cat Murphy BandChristan Pelly (CA/US Only).

Also, I am regularly working with other artists such as Sidewalk and Mitchell Emmen. I played bass in Remember October , Artifacts, Houses We Die In, and Atticus Finch.

The longer story
Since the age of 11, I have been making music and I continue to do so. I worked as a semi-professional musician for almost ten years and have been a teacher (in music education) for the last couple of years. Currently, I am a graduate student in the MEd. Music Education program at the University of British Columbia. I am also involved in the development of music activities based on popular music, as well as research on the effect of music education on children from 4 to 12 years in elementary schools with a multicultural population.

  • I worked in the music industry for a while. If you are interested in my story, click here.
  • I starred in a few music video’s and still make some bass covers, which you can see here.
  • If you want to know more about my equipment, click here.